The truth behind I miss you text.

The text am referencing here are usually those random messages that come from a person who has hurt u in the past someone who isn’t even worthy of a response.

Exes usually choose the after hours to send the text messages because your mind is bit more eager in the evening your defence are much lower and we are generally emotionally, vulnerable and available during the night both men and women.

Keep in mind that you are most likely not the only one they reached out, us men send same text to to three or more women in hope that someone will bite and respond the higher the number the greater the chances, that “I miss you text” these type of text message are supposed to play on your need to feel as if you are being thought about it plays on the natural feeling of loneliness that often creeps up whenever you’re unable to sleep again,

the person texting you is generally the same person who neglected you, it’s the same person who hurt your heart, it’s the same person who walked away from you to be with someone else and now they’ve reduced you to the person they now contact when they are horny , they’ve decided to reach out to you only after they’ve become bored with the person they left your for.

I tell you don’t respond block them change your number, remember why it didn’t work before remember the times they hurt you remember how it felt to realize that they left you for someone else remember how it felt to feel insecure about that relationship how it felt unsafe and unreliable.

You are not a hobby, you are not just someone or something to do when they are bored. You are powerful more powerful than you may realize and you’ll be fine without their empty promises.
Now save this as a reminder and share it with those you care about.

I think it’s important to spread truth and the next time “I miss you” comes in….
Ignore that lie and continue to move forward with your life you deserve to be with someone who makes you a priority someone who stays someone who chooses you always.


It wasn’t my fault but if it was then am sorry I just had to say good bye,
I tried loving you the right way but everything seems not to work. Thought as if i was forcing things or maybe we were not meant to be, I tried giving you full attention like each and every morning I’d call to know how you woke up but the question was “unanipigia simu saii asubui kwani umetoka kusindikiza nani”.

I tried learning new recipe so that i can cook for you some of your favorite food all you could say was ” Malaya mgani amekufunza kupika hii food”

Last week i bought you stilettos then invited you to my house, my plan was to suprise you with them but before i could even suprise you, u spotted the shoes under my bed, then accused me of having another woman in my house.( I wonder which woman coz they were still new in a box infact)

At times we men go through alot of shit, we spend our time and energy to make things work but everything seems not to work.
At times the problem is not your man the problem is you.

If you were once played it doesn’t mean all men are players, if you were once taken for granted it doesn’t mean all men will take you for granted, if he was a pretender not all men will pretend to love you so live to protect your relationship, make sure u are healed before moving on to another relationship then water it and see it grow and stop taking it for granted assuming that things will always end up to be the same.


If u ever find a man that shows you off to his friends especially best friends, he is not ashamed when you call him any sweet name around his family or friends. A man who doesn’t care on what people say about your past.

You are always in his future plans, he consults you in everything concerning his ideas. He calls you daily just to remind you that he loves you, he sends you sweet messages just to fire up the love you two have.


He wakes up in the morning and you are the first person he call’s to know how your night was and how you woke up and latter wishes you a good day, he surprises you at times with gifts no matter how small they might be.

He helps you in achieving your goals, he knows what’s good for you and he works extra hard to make sure you get everything a woman like you desires, a man that will make your friends say “skuizi kananona inaonekana kanakula poa”.

That one man who will stand by you when you are sick or when you have problems of your own but still willing to help.

A man that has never shown intentions of beating you, cheating on you or forcing you to shit that you ain’t interested, a man that has given u full trust with everything that he has.

Please don’t ask me if they exist because I don’t know.


This world is full of wonders, but wait not this world but people living in it. I pray God please save my generation.
In this generation getting a kid is something that is in fashion you might think the kids are coming with Gucci labels on their fore heads, adidas labels on their lips and Balenciaga on their ears.

Having a kid is not a bad thing but always plan to have kids that you can comfortably provide for.
Most of us think that having a kid at a younger age in life is cute, yea maybe I don’t know, we also have others who think that having a kid at a younger age shows how strong they are my dear don’t get this shit twisted.

You want your friends to tell you how your kids looks cute, how your kid looks exactly like you, any way it feels good when they tell you this it is not a bad thing. But wait, can you provide for the kid, are you able to feed it?

I know some of us will say God will provide. Now you go ahead and get a kid when you are not ready, and wait for God to provide, am not saying God can’t or doesn’t provide, No.What am trying to say is Let this kids enjoy life on this planet, don’t let them regret why they came to this world. don’t just have kids because your friends are having kids it is time u should have good plans in your life and avoid this saying of “Ilikua hajali”


Remember when you are not ready you are risking both your life and the kid’s, you will be stressed, depressed and you will be sick and tired about all this shit.
how?when?where? Why? are the type of questions that will be on your mind.
Again We have temptations of abortion which might lead you and the unborn into dip shit so say NO to

I am not planning for you, but I just thought I should let u know. Remember if truely experience is the best teacher then I am the best student.



Usually when a woman comes out and say that she wants a wealthy man, we all come out guns blazing at her . Get your own money, she is told. You should look at a man’s heart not his pocket, she is advised. I see no shame in a woman prioritising financial security.

There is no shame in a woman seeking a rich man,or a white one, we all go into relationships with different needs. If hers is a man who will never fail to show up for her financially, who are we to judge?

Isn’t it the same way we men write lists that have women eating chicken feed , lightening their skin and taking cooking classes?

Let’s stop making the assumption that a woman who wants to get with a man isn’t aware of her ability to make her own money. Most of them usually are.

If a woman is aware of all her life options, and she still put financial security first their should be no shame in that.

If you are a hardworking woman who wants to stand on her feet before she can stand with someone else, that is good.

These however are your choices. Do not demonize someone because their choices or priorities are different from yours. tunaelewana.


This is what you said.” My man has a very low paying job, I have been telling him to quit that job and get a good one ( from where??) but he doesn’t see what am saying to be making any sense.

He sometimes can’t even afford to pay for his own rent, really a mabati house and it is just 2200, I am thinking of leaving him coz I don’t think we rhyme, to be honest ako chini.

Valentines is here, he has got no any plans for me that am sure, he will just be at work. work that has never changed his diet, his clothes, his house as in nothing good from this job, we enjoy nothing from it, am tired nkt.

This is what you should know, how many times have u encouraged your man to work more harder, how many jobs have u tried to secure for him so that he should quit the one you dislike, u just there complaining he should quit his job, wake up, do something.

Listen you are a woman and you want him to be financial stable how are you helping towards that, you want him not to be thrown out of his own house for not paying his rent, how many times have u cheaped in something small to avoid that shame. (Kwenda uko)

Shot by Zapper photography

He is also a human being with feelings just like you. You said he has no plans for valentine why don’t you make that call and surprise him this valentine and make him feel like a king (unangoja MTU amfanyie) Come on stop telling people the problems of your man and support him, because some will take advantage of those problems.
You love him stick with him not everything is permanent in life,
Support him, whether financially or spiritually usichoke, then tell God your problems and stop telling human beings and see how things will be turned into.
I am telling you for free and without fever.


It’s Friday night, a day that most of us have been waiting and will always be waiting for, it is the day that most of us masses with our own life and we will blame others for it.

Friday mistakes

Friday is a day that you will not be able to concentrate at your work place u will make some good calculated moves to be out, by 2:30pm you cannot sit that ass in that office chair.

It is s day that very many messages that were not being, replied on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are now being replied.

It is a day that most of us will cheat on our partners and apologise on Wednesday when you are taking her out for ladies night.

It is a day that you will get drunk call your house help and tell her how much you love and adore her, how u see your future with her being bright and full of love.

It is that day that you will be a best friend to a person you met in bar and contributed to buy a mzinga and story is btw tumetoka far. (Wacha ujinga mbali gani)

It is that night that someone u have never met, will make you wet your pants and you be like, ooh my!! am in love with this guy.
(don’t let your wet pant confuse you aki jikaze kabisa)

It is the same night that you will call your mother and tell her about the girl sitting next to you in a club is the love of your life, and that you will be bringing her home soon๐Ÿ˜‚. (Huyu ni wangapi nanj wacha ujinga)

It is the night that your ex will text you how he /she misses you so much and that he/she can not do without you,(isaa lie pepo hio she’s been doing great without you)

It is the night that, your old lecturer will text you this, “are you aware the results will be out next week” now you know what comes next hehehe

Zapper photography

All this things might have happened to you, OK its not bad that they happened. we have no room for regrets, but wait, what is your plan tonight. You want to change but it’s very hard to change all this why? it is now your habit.

You cannot complain about how u get same results and your preparation has always been the same, u doing it the same way you did and u expect a different result no it doesn’t work like that. “Haiweeezii”

Change that style of living and you will have positive result, change that style of living and it will save your relationship, change that style of living, it will save your job, change that style of living and it will save your money time and energy.
Stop celebrating how you stopped drinking alcohol by drinking alcohol.

Meanwhile tujitumbuize kwani iko nini


I am walking down the streets of Nairobi Kenya and i realize, we have very many people with disability lying in the streets and they are  being used as a source of income.
Let me tell you how they do it don’t be shocked. we have four to five persons here.

 One is the PERSON A ( the disabled), very innocent most of the time he Doesn’t know what is going on.

Then we have PERSON B a lady is always preferred,  who will pretend to  be wiping the person A’s face or nose, or will be pretending to be feeding him / her or just do something to draw in some attention.

Then on the other side we have PERSON C, a man who stands in front of them pretending to be reading a note written down on a manilla paper with a very sad i repeat sad message on it that when you read you can even cry.
Then we have PERSON D who will pretends on how pity he/she feels for them, they at times even cry then drop a note or a coin then they go round a building and comes back to do the same( this is how smart they are). 

Now PERSON D will always be more than two to help in confusing the audience with their different faces not to notice they are going and coming back.
Lastly we have PERSON E this are the master plans i tell you, now when they are around things will go very well but again they are the risk takers, in fact they have degree in confusing, coning and pickpocketing  their job is to survey the area and confuse the audience around. 

They will pretend to be asking questions like, “woiiii aki nini ilimfanya? na anaweza ongea kweli?ona vile mkoni inakaa aki!! Woii Aki mungu atamsaidia”, All this is just to confuse you, so that you will also feel pity and drop a coin. ( Umewachangia)

They also have another job which is to pickpocket the confused soft hearted and good Samaritans  around here,
This guys are very smart when it comes to this, i don’t know how they do it, but any body contact with them, my friend your phone and wallet is gone. 
You will do nothing when you notice your things are gone this guys have got  very nice good ace calculated move in case of any thing. 
OK that aside my worry is for how long will this continue, a person living with disability is used as a source of income in a wrong way just for the benefit of another.
When you see this kind of setting  in the street, i am not asking you not to give them money ( kuwachangia) or not to help them in any way that you can, as a matter of fact not all pretend but most do, 
I just want to tell you  not to be one of the lost balls in the weeds but to



It is  1st January 2018 the sun is shining and the environment on this side is quite rejuvenating.
Now 2017 is over,  just like that, this is so great, i mean God is good, oh my, Imagine He just included us on his own wake up list isn’t that great? Ooh yes this is  the fast day of 2018 come on give him thanks and praise his Holly name or do  you think it’s your right to be alive, maybe i u never  know but for me i think its all about God’s mercy love and blessings.
Now that aside, how has your 2017 been? OK to me it has been a very good year I can say dreams coming true, achieving some of my goals as in everything has been good despite the political issues in our country which affected us the most i can say God has been good.
OK 2017 i discovered that apart from being a good actor, i can write inspirational articles and stories,but how?  This is after reading few inspirational books, articles in magazines,watching good movies and also real life stories that some of my good friends share them with me.
It is the same year that i played for a new club ( kisii rugby)and won the championship league and  I again emerged the top try scorer, how sweet 
It is the same year that i learnt how to ask for forgiveness, how to be humble and also discipline,  i discovered this are the things that can contribute in  building your own character try them out if don’t mind.

And   and the most vital thing that i learned in 2017 was to never expect much from people you will end up hurting yourself are we together here.

OK am sorry to those whom I might have wronged, knowingly or unknowingly i say viva to those who have  been reading my blog all through and encouraged me, You contributed alot in my life so i say again thank you.

Ok being one of the lazy bloggers I don’t know how am gonna do it but i think i will be posting to you after every two weeks. I think that will be good, no silence any more, this 2018 amara is full of content stay here and go no where.

To sum up i will also be launching my new you tube channel very soon i know you are eager to know more about it keep calm and relax i will keep you posted am still working on it.
Ooh it was just  short and sharp one friends. Let me sip my hot  tea here as i enjoy the sunlight thank you and i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR



I lost my mum when I was two years old. She died after she was involved in a car accident along Eldoret-Nakuru road. After some time, my dad married another woman whom I loved and respected very much. She was so loving and caring that she gave me a reason to smile and be happy in this world.
Life was so sweet being in a good school and having parents that loved me so much. There was nothing to complain about. But All hell broke loose after my dad passed away again in a car accident Eldoret-Nakuru road. It was so painful. Being 12 years old at that time, my mind was quite not open enough to understand what death was and how it felt to lose someone you loved most.

But again It was so hard for me to adopt a life without my father, Life really changed. My step mum transferred me from a private school to a public school that same month that my dad had died. 

She complained of me being in a private school yet her sisters back at home were in a public school. I couldn’t complain because I thought she knew what she was doing.
After two months, my step mum brought a man into our home and told me that I should call him dady. It was somehow very stupid how was I going to call someone my dad yet I hadn’t even finished mourning my real dad?  

Anyway, there was nothing I could do so I just accepted and moved on.
One Friday night, my stepfather came home  at around 11:00 PM after attending his friend’s graduation party. My stepmum was still at work as that week all her shifts fell at night. 
After opening the door for him, I noticed he was drunk and very tired. I went to the kitchen prepared supper for him then boiled water and took it to the bathroom, as he showers I put the food on the table.

Things flowed very nicely. He took a shower and came back and had his supper. When he was done, I cleared the table and told him that I was going to bed and that if there was anything he needed to done before I sleep he should let me know.
He granted me permission (ilikua a must niombe ruhusa ndio nilale) to go to sleep. After about one hour of sleeping, I had a loud bang on my door, i woke up terrified and confused. It was my stepdad. He walked right into my room and started asking me where my step mum was. I told him she had gone to work as she was on the night shift that week. He became furious and started beating me up for no reason. 

He demanded that I should say where my step mum really was.(pombe nj mbaya)  I was beaten mercilessly and raped by my stepfather almost to death. He left me on the floor bleeding. I had no strength to even get up and ask for help. 
In the morning, I had lost a lot of blood. I tried to wake up and clean up the mess. When my stepmother came,  I had already cleaned up everything and there was nothing suspicious in the house. I was afraid to tell my stepmother what had happened. I didn’t know how she was going to take it.

In the evening my stepfather came home sober. When I saw him, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I broke into tears. My stepmother noticed something wasn’t right and asked me what was bothering me. I gained courage and told her everything that had happened hoping that she was going to help me. 
I saw what i have never seen in my life  She slapped me and started beating me up claiming that I had cooked up the story about her husband. I was beaten like an animal, chased away and told never to go back to that house ( my late father’s house)๐Ÿ˜ญ.
I went to one of my mother’s friends (mama Lee-moh Leems ) who took me to the hospital and showed me the door of the church. She asked me to forgive them and leave it to God. She also asked to me to start a new life away from all that, i didn’t get pregnant or infected with any STI. I was happy She took me as one of her child, made sure I was back in good shape and took me to a good school. I had a chance to enjoy life again.

It’s now nine years since that ordeal and today is actually my 22nd birthday. I am celebrating it thanking God for his mercies and love. On the other side my stepfather and mother are still working hard to get a child. They are still visiting pastors, prophets and witchcrafts to help them get a child. They tried to adopt one but she died of anemia the same  years of adoption. They are now yearning to get a kid…
I want to tell you today that this world is not bad; the people living in it are the ones who are bad.( Hii dunia sio mbaya binadamu ndio wabaya)

In this world, you are served what you order. If you order lemon you’ll be served with lemon, if you order chilies you will be served with chilies. The same applies to love, mercy, kindness and respect. What goes around sometimes comes back around.